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| EQ6 & EQ7

EQ6 & EQ7

EQ6 and EQ7 Quilt Design Software

QuiltingCoach Penny

Designing a block or quilt using EQ6 or EQ7 can be easy and fun, if you know a few basics.

In our journey of learning EQ6 and EQ7, we will explore many different design functions. Designing your quilt can range from choosing a pre-designed quilt and simply changing the colors and fabrics in the design to designing a quilt completely from "scratch."

Using EQ software, you can upload your own fabrics and scan in your photos, and design your quilt as it truly will be.

At any point in your design process, you can print a picture of your block and quilt, the fabric requirements, templates for cutting your fabric, and rotary cutting instructions.

No more guessing when you arrive at the fabric shop - you will know exactly how much of each fabric to buy.

Also, designing borders is easier with EQ6 or EQ7. You can use their pre-designed borders or design your own using blocks or other design elements.

The EQ Libraries include embroidery designs, thread and photos as well as blocks (both appliqué and patchwork) and fabrics.

And now the EQ7 Libraries include photos that you can use in your quilt designs. In addition, EQ7 allows you to manipulate photos - cut them, change the size, change the colors, and create all kinds of other effects.

With all of these resources, you will be able to test the color of embellishments or quilting designs and determine which is right for the look of your quilt. There is a lot to explore! To begin, take the video tour of the software.

Below you will find a list of the video clips available. Simply click on the title you would like to view, once the clip has loaded, click on the small triangle below the image, and the video will begin.

Each clip is just a couple of minutes, and gives you a taste of what is in store for our further exploration. Get ready - this will be a fun and creative adventure!

Happy Quilting!

Penny Halgren



Paper Templates and Quilting
Quilting Coach Penny
If you use any quilting software or print out templates on paper, but the whole template doesn't fit on a sheet of paper, here is an option. . . . keep reading
Two-Color Quilt Blocks
Quilting Coach Penny
Two-color blocks have a unique appeal. To be most effective, choose colors that contrast. And you might be surprised to see how moving the blocks around can really change the look of your quilt. . . . keep reading
Designing and Choosing Colors for your Quilt
Quilting Coach Penny
Quilt designs and color options are endless! Sometimes it is overwhelming to pick your next project! To make it easier, there are a few basic design and color principles to understand. To select a quilt design, decide if there is a particular theme you want to convey. If so, start with that theme and look for a quilt design that fits it. For instance, Turkey in the Straw is definitely an appropriate pattern for a Thanksgiving theme quilt. . . . keep reading
EQ 7 Session 4 Playback
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video playback of EQ7 Training Session 4 - including advanced techniques . . . keep reading
EQ 7 Session 3 Playback
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video playback of EQ7 Training Session 3 - including how to work with images. . . . keep reading
EQ 7 Session 2 Playback
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video playback of EQ7 Training Session 2 - including how to use the various Libraries - Block Library, Fabric Library, and My Library. You will also see how to add fabrics to "My Library" from fabric websites. . . . keep reading
EQ 7 Session 1 Playback
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video playback of EQ7 Training Session 1 - including the basics of how to create a block and quilt, add fabrics, save your projects in your sketchbook, and . . . keep reading
Designing the Sunshine and Shadow Quilt
QuiltingCoach Penny
Designing the Sunshine and Shadow Quilt Once I decided on the blocks and fabric, it is time to draw a layout of the quilt. One of the things I love about EQ6 is that I can design the quilt using the software, and it will calculate . . . keep reading
Creating Image Files for Fabric to Import into EQ6
QuiltingCoach Penny
Creating Image Files for Fabric to Import into EQ6 One of the really nice things about EQ6 is that you can import your fabric to create the design of your quilt. It is easy to do, but you do need a scanner . . . keep reading
Importing Fabric into EQ6
QuiltingCoach Penny
Importing Fabric into EQ6 If you are designing a quilt in EQ6, it's a great idea to use the actual fabric as you design. It is easy to import your fabric into EQ6. These step-by-step videos will show you how . . . keep reading
Designing an Irish Chain Quilt
QuiltingCoach Penny
Designing an Irish Chain Quilt This step by step video will show you how to design an Irish Chain quilt using EQ 6. . . . keep reading
EQ6 - Star Quilt - Part 2
QuiltingCoach Penny
EQ6 - Star Quilt - Part 2 Once the quilt has been designed, it is time to put blocks in and add borders. Part 2 shows you . . . keep reading
EQ6 - Star Quilt - Part 1
QuiltingCoach Penny
EQ6 - Star Quilt - Part 1 Now that the block has been created and saved, it is time to design a quilt to place the block in. . . . keep reading
EQ6 - Star Block - Part 2
QuiltingCoach Penny
EQ6 - Star Block - Part 2 In Part 2 of creating the Star Block, you will see how to color your patches in and rename the block using the Notecard so that your pattern will show the name of your block . . . keep reading
EQ6 - Star Block - Part 1
QuiltingCoach Penny
EQ6 - Star Block - Part 1 Beginning with your open EQ6 program, you will learn how to: set up your Worktable, choosing a block or quilt, set up your Grid tool, so you can easily divide your block into patches . . . keep reading
EQ6 - Christmas Star continued - Part 4
QuiltingCoach Penny
EQ6 - Christmas Star continued - Part 4 Watch as the design of the Christmas Star wall hanging continues. In Part 4, you will see how to: add your final design to the Sketchbook and name it, and . . . keep reading
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