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| Quilting Webinars
Quilting Webinars

Quilting Webinars

QuiltingCoach Penny

Current technology affords us a wonderful opportunity to conduct live online seminars - commonly called "webinars."

Simply log into a secure site on your computer where you will be treated to a live presentation about a popular quilting topic.

Prior to the presentation, download the handout so you can follow along with the presentation and take notes right next to pictures of the examples given.

Once the presentation is complete, there will be an opportunity to ask your burning questions about the topic for the evening.

These webinars occur approximately once a month and last about 1 1/2 hours.

Watch your email for announcements about the dates and topics. Then simply click on the link to register.

Below you'll find replays of past webinars.




Unlock the Secrets of Designing Themed Quilts Webinar
QuiltingCoach Penny
After this Themed Quilts Webinar, You Will Have the Keys to Success for Designing a Themed Quilt Like an Expert! . . . keep reading
Beautiful Machine Quilting Made Simple
QuiltingCoach Penny
My first attempts at machine quilting on my home sewing machine resulted in minor disasters. Fortunately it was relatively early in my quilting days, and the quilts weren't beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, so the disappointment of ugly machine quilting was . . . keep reading
Have You Ever Wondered How The Hexagons in a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt are Sewn So Perfectly?
QuiltingCoach Penny
Have You Ever Wondered How The Hexagons in a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt are Sewn So Perfectly? Maybe You Are Scratching Your Head Wondering How The Quilt Maker Stitched So Many Odd-Shaped Patches to Create Her Beautiful Quilt. . . . keep reading
Secrets of Fat Quarters Webinar
QuiltingCoach Penny
Are You Collecting Fat Quarters Yet Wondering How to Use Them in a Quilt? Maybe You Are Afraid to Even Buy Fat Quarters Because You Don't Know What to Do with Them. . . . keep reading
Video: Choosing Colors for Your Quilts Webinar
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video: Choosing Colors for Your Quilts Webinar If you are anything like I am, choosing the right fabric for your quilt is one of the most challenging things about making a quilt. Sometimes it takes what seems like hours pondering "this fabric" or "that fabric." Then there's the fabric stash. Each time I'm in one of my local fabric shops, it's easy to find a fabric that I just know will be "perfect" in a future quilt. Being a perfectly normal quilter, I buy a yard of it and add it to my stash. . . . keep reading
Video: How to Bind a Quilt Webinar
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video: How to Bind a Quilt Webinar Do you have quilts that are waiting to be finished because you want them to have smooth, mitered corners but you've been frustrated in the past, and need some help getting those mitered corners "right?" . . . keep reading
Video: Stay Sane with Crazy Quilts Webinar
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video: Stay Sane with Crazy Quilts Webinar Many quilters look at crazy quilts with wonder and amazement. What makes them so special and what, actually, is the process for creating one of these treasures? Crazy quilts are similar to traditional patchwork quilts in that they are created from scraps of fabric. The big difference is that crazy quilts include several different types of fabric. . . . keep reading
Video: Secrets of Sewing Blocks Webinar Replay
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video: Secrets of Sewing Blocks Webinar Replay If you've ever looked at a picture of a quilt block and wondered how to go about sewing it together, this Webinar is for you! Even if you have a pattern with full-size templates, often it is difficult to know just . . . keep reading
Video: Color Value Webinar Replay
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video: Color Value Webinar Replay Maybe it is because the value of one fabric is relative to the value of another fabric. And a fabric that may be considered "light" compared to others in the fabric store, may be a "medium" in your quilt. . . . keep reading
Video: Secrets of 3 Dimensional Quilts Webinar
QuiltingCoach Penny
One of the things that has intrigued me for some time is creating the illusion of dimension in quilts. During this webinar you will learn how to create quilts that have the illusion of 3 dimensions. . . . keep reading
Video: Fun with Rag Quilts Webinar Replay
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video: Fun with Rag Quilts Webinar Replay If you're anything like most quilters, every once in a while you like to start a quilt project that you can finish in just a day or two. . . . keep reading
Video: Quilt Backings Webinar
QuiltingCoach Penny
Video: Quilt Backings Webinar Oh, I know the questions - Who cares what is on the back of my quilt? Why should I use high quality fabric on the back of my quilt? What if I don't have enough fabric for the back? All of those and more answered in this video replay of the Quilt Backings Webinar. . . . keep reading
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