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| Sample Quilting Tips
Sample Quilting Tips

Sample Articles from this site

Here are a few sample quilting tips to give you an idea of the kinds of things you'll find in the Subscribers Area of this site.

These tips are reprinted as they originally appeared in the members only section of this site.

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Penny Halgren


The 7+3 Most Common Quilting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
The 7+3 Most Common Quilting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them All experienced quilters agree that there a few mistakes that all beginning quilters make (even some experienced quilters make them). . . . keep reading
Try Leather Fingers with your Iron
Try Leather Fingers with your Iron It's easy to burn your fingers while ironing your quilt blocks. . . . keep reading
Tips for Hand Quilting
|image 1|Most quilters strive to make short and even hand quilting stitches. To do this, it helps to have the right tools to work with. . . . keep reading
Work on your quilt in small time slots
Work on your quilt in small time slots One of the great things about making a quilt is that you can work in small time slots.... . . . keep reading
Cutting Fabric With Scissors
Cutting Fabric With Scissors Having three pairs of scissors (or more) will save your sanity. One pair for fabric, one for paper and templates, one for . . . keep reading
Quick Tips for Successful Machine Quilting
QuiltingCoach Penny
Quick Tips for Successful Machine Quilting Machine quilting takes practice and good technique. Expert machine quilter, Pam Bauer, shares a few quick tips that will make your machine quilting easier and more successful. . . . keep reading
Tips for Piecing Rag Quilts
Penny Halgren
Tips for Piecing Rag Quilts Rag quilts are fun and easy to make. They are very forgiving in many ways, and sewing them together is somewhat easier than piecing a patchwork quilt. Here are a few tips that might make the construction of your rag quilt even easier: . . . keep reading
Quick and Portable Ironing Board
Quick and Portable Ironing Board Usually I prefer to have a regular ironing board set up across the room from my work area so that I have to get up and stretch every so often. . . . keep reading
All in One Ruler for Quilting
QuiltingCoach Penny
Most quilters who cut their fabric with a rotary cutter have rulers that they love - well, rulers they use a lot, anyway. Which ruler I reach for depends on what I'm cutting. For example, if I'm cutting 2 1/2" wide strips, I usually reach for my ruler that is 18" long and 3" wide. . . . keep reading
Cutting Fabric Strips for Quilts
QuiltingCoach Penny
Cutting good pieces is the basis of a good quilt top. If your fabric pieces seem a little skewed or stretched when you sew them together, it is likely because your cut was a little wobbly. . . . keep reading
Sewing an Accurate 1/4 inch Seam Allowance
Sewing an Accurate 1/4 inch Seam Allowance Sewing accurate 1/4" seam allowances every time will go a long way toward sewing square blocks that are all the same size. . . . keep reading
Choosing Fabric for Your Quilt - Color
QuiltingCoach Penny
Choosing Fabric for Your Quilt - Color Making a quilt should be a fun and relaxing experience, so you should choose fabrics that you enjoy working with. Keeping that in mind, there are a few tips that can make your quilt interesting and dynamic to look at. . . . keep reading
3 Kings Journey - Lesson 3
QuiltingCoach Penny
3 Kings Journey - Lesson 3 Now that all of the blocks are sewn, it's time to add the sashing and cornerstones, which means it's also time to figure out how "off" the blocks are. It turned out that all of my blocks are 9 1/2 inches high, and they vary between 8 3/4 inches and 8 7/8 inches wide. Since the width is such a small difference, . . . keep reading
How to Sew Binding Strips to Make One Continuous Piece
QuiltingCoach Penny
How to Sew Binding Strips to Make One Continuous Piece In this short video, you will see how to sew strips of binding together in order to make one continuous piece of binding for your quilt. . . . keep reading
Voter's Choice Quilt Block
QuiltingCoach Penny
Voter's Choice Quilt Block this is a short demonstration of sewing the Voter's Choice quilt block together . . . keep reading
Video: Sewing a More Accurate Isosceles Triangle
Video: Sewing a More Accurate Isosceles Triangle Sewing an isosceles triangle can be somewhat challenging, especially since there are two very long bias seams. This video will walk you through step by step and show how to stitch an Isosceles triangle so your patch is exactly the right size! . . . keep reading
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