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| Quilting History

Tidbits of Quilting History

Take a stroll through quilting history and discover how quilt blocks were named, how fabric dyes were made using plants and bugs, and little know facts (and maybe myths) about quilting through the ages.

Quilts from Petticoats?
Quilts from Petticoats? Whole cloth quilts made of silk are the direct descendents of the quilted petticoats that were fashionable until the early 1880s in America. . . . keep reading
Flag Day Quilt-Quilts from Old "Premiums"
Flag Day Quilt-Quilts from Old "Premiums" While traveling through the Colorado Rockies, I came upon an antique shop that had a stack of flannel flags from countries all over the world. . . . keep reading
Tree of Life Quilt Block
Tree of Life Quilt Block In early American days, clipper ships brought cargoes of Indian and Persian cotton prints into western Atlantic ports. . . . keep reading
Quilts in Merry Old England
Centuries ago, quilts in England were made of linen and used by both commoners and aristocrats. Aristocrats preferred the finer texture of the higher quality linen, . . . keep reading
Crazy Quilts
Crazy Quilts Crazy quilts are probably the ultimate in scrap quilts. With the scarcity of materials years ago, quilters cut pieces of fabric from whatever worn clothing was deemed to be still useful -- whether it was cotton or wool. . . . keep reading
Arbor Day Celebrated around the U.S.
Arbor Day Celebrated around the U.S. Arbor Day is celebrated around the U.S. during the month of April, with National Arbor Day being April 27, 2012. This year will be the 140th anniversary. . . . keep reading
A Short History of a Short Needle
A Short History of a Short Needle It has been said that the invention of the wheel was the milestone that changed the future of mankind. The man who invented the wheel was wearing animal skins that had been sewn together with a needle. . . . keep reading
Abraham Lincoln Quilt Blocks
Quilting Coach Penny
Quilters have participated in politics in the United States since the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. But, since women couldn't vote until 1920, at first their participation was in the form of "advice" and support for their husbands. Not satisfied with quietly sitting in the background, quilters created quilt blocks and quilts to express their political opinions. . . . keep reading
Tidbit of History -- More about Candlewicking
QuiltingCoach Penny
Candlewicking originated in the the UK and was used in the US and Australia as early as the beginning of the 19th century. Originally the thread used was the same cotton twist yarn used for candlewicks, hence the name. Early on, women used old sheets and even feed sacks for their embroidery. . . . keep reading
Tidbit of Quilting History -- Jacob's Ladder and Stepping Stones
QuiltingCoach Penny
All Jacob's Ladder quilts are made in two tones only, with the dark patches being very dark and the lights being correspondingly light. No intermediate shades are allowed, since the fundamental idea of Jacob's Ladder is extreme contrast resulting in a series of dark . . . keep reading
Friendship Quilt Block Patterns
Friendship Quilt Block Patterns Friendship quilts reminds us of our friends and beloved kin who express their care by designing these quilts. These quilts at times also bring a touch of sadness since usually these quilts are designed for those who are moving to distant places. . . . keep reading
Lady of the Lake Quilt Block - a Little History
QuiltingCoach Penny
Lady of the Lake Quilt Block - a Little History History has it that the Lady of the Lake Quilt Block was named after a poem by Sir Walter Scott, published in 1810. The pioneer men and women loved the heroic tales of Sir Walter Scott, and the women honored him in their most . . . keep reading
Tidbits about Thread from History
Cotton thread - the better class of sewing cotton was known as "six cords," of which there was a large variety of makes - glazed and unglazed - and sold in lengths running 200, 300 or 400 yards. This thread was available in a variety of colors. . . . keep reading
Swastika Quilt Block
Frontier women converted the ancient symbol of good luck into a quilt pattern made simply from two triangles. . . . keep reading
Did you know the 30th President of the US Quilted?
MQ Adventurer, Rosa Aparicio
Did you know our 30th President Quilted? Calvin Coolidge was just a boy, I think maybe 10 or younger. The boys back then had to learn because it helped them with the horses equipment. Mr. Cool . . . keep reading
Frogs in Your Tea, Anyone?
Whether it's just an old wives' tale or a joke from a bar, it's still funny…. . . . keep reading
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Thank you Penny – your inspiration has been much appreciated.


Dorothy, Durbanville, South Africa