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| Quilting Terms

Glossary of Quilting Terms

Confused about what a quilting term means? Search through the Glossary and discover what quilters are talking about.

If you want a term defined, or have a definition you would like to add, either check into the Discussion Forum or email us at:

Quilting Terminology
Quilting Terminology When you become a quilter, you quickly catch onto the fact that there is often more than one name for just about everything involved in our hobby. This can be confusing to the beginning quilter. If you run across a term you are not familiar with, feel free to refer to this "also known as" list.… . . . keep reading
Test Your Batting Before You Buy
Test Your Batting Before You Buy If you've been in a fabric shop or looked online for batting, you know that there are bunches of different kinds -- polyester, cotton, cotton blends, wool, silk, . . . keep reading
Darning Foot for a Sewing Machine
QuiltingCoach Penny
Darning Foot for a Sewing Machine A Darning Foot allows you to do free form machine quilting. . . . keep reading
Walking Foot for a Sewing Machine
QuiltingCoach Penny
Walking Foot for a Sewing Machine A Walking Foot for a sewing machine is a special attachment that feeds the top, batting and backing through your sewing machine all at the same time. . . . keep reading
Sashiko Quilts and Stitching
Quilting Coach Penny
The Japanese traditionally used the stitch as a way to patch worn spots, but quilters today tend to use it for its simple yet unique decorative purposes. . . . keep reading
Sashiko Quilts
QuiltingCoach Penny
Sashiko is a Japanese stitching technique that can be used for embroidery or otherwise reinforcing sewn projects like quilts. The technique is rather simple to master. It's just a running stitch. . . . keep reading
What is Needlepunched Batting, Anyway?
HD Wilbanks, Hobbs Batting
What is Needlepunched Batting, Anyway? Needlepunched is exactly like carded at one point. We feed the fiber into the card. After it is crosslapped, it passes between needle looms. . . . keep reading
Zigzag stitch - a quilting term defined
QuiltingCoach Penny
Zigzag stitch - a side-to-side stitch that can be used for machine appliqué. It can be shortened and closely spaced so it looks like a satin stitch. Happy Quilting! img sr . . . keep reading
Yo-yo - a quilting term defined
QuiltingCoach Penny
Yo-yo - fabric that is gathered into a circle and can be used for quilt tops or embellishments. Typically a circle of fabric is cut, and then a running stitch is sewn approximately 1/4 inch away . . . keep reading
Water soluble - a quilting term defined
QuiltingCoach Penny
Water soluble - thread, stabilizers and markers that dissolve in water. Water soluble thread can be used to baste a quilt for quilting. Happy Quilting! img src="http://ww . . . keep reading
Watercolor quilt - a quilting term defined
QuiltingCoach Penny
Watercolor quilt - a quilt that is made up of many small squares of print fabric positioned so that each color blends into the next creating a watercolor effect. This quilt was made by quilter, D . . . keep reading
Walking foot - a quilting term defined
QuiltingCoach Penny
Walking foot - a type of presser foot for a sewing machine that is made to make it easier to machine quilt. This presser foot bounces on the fabric layers so that all of the layers are more ev . . . keep reading
Variegated thread - a quilting term defined
QuiltingCoach Penny
Variegated thread - thread in which the color changes down the strand. This thread can be used for most anything., however it is especially fun for machine quilting and embellishing. . . . keep reading
Universal needle - a quilting term
QuiltingCoach Penny
Universal needle - a sewing machine needle that is made to use on many types of fabric. Happy Quilting! img src="" width="75" heig . . . keep reading
Unit or Block Unit - a quilting term defined
QuiltingCoach Penny
Unit - a combination of at least two pieces of fabric sewn together to form part of a block. In the example shown above, in the center of the top row, there are two half-square triangles that . . . keep reading
Template - a quilting term defined
QuiltingCoach Penny
Template - a pattern made from a stiff material (not fabric) that is used to mark the shape of pieces of fabric to make a quilt or appliqué. Happy Quilting! img src=" . . . keep reading
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