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Radiant Sunshine and Shadow

Radiant Sunshine and Shadow
Our Price $23.95

This brand new resource will show you exactly how to choose colors with confidence for this quilt and every other quilt in your future.

And, QuiltingCoach Penny will help, too.




Amish quilts hold a fascination for many people, not just quilters.

Many years ago, I decided to make an Amish- style quilt. I bought a bunch of books and scoured through them looking for an interesting pattern. Since I am an ocean kind of gal, I decided to make an Ocean Waves quilt.

Next was color selection. That was a problem. Because my junior high school art teacher told me that I was not creative at all - and I believed him - I got stuck on choosing colors for the quilt, since I thought it took some creativity to pick colors. So, I found a picture of a quilt I liked and decided I would copy the colors.

With my book in hand, I trekked to the fabric shop and bought some special Pima cotton in beautiful solid colors to make this quilt.

ocean waves quilt
My lone adventure in making an Amish quilt. Join me in making a Sunshine and Shadow quilt - Amish style.

These were the days before rotary cutters and quilting shortcuts. So, I spent hours cutting little triangles and hanging them up on a flannel wall.

One day, as I was merrily cutting hundreds of triangles, Cruiser, the beagle, brushed up against the flannel, creating a pile of triangles on the floor. I spent hours pinning each triangle piece back in its place. What a pain!

There were a few other challenges with that quilt. Even though I copied the colors from the quilt in the book, I'm not sure that I got the same effect using those colors.

I ran out of fabric of some colors, so I had to make the inside border using narrow pieces of different color fabric. And the outside border with the big blue strips in the center was created because I didn't have enough black. (Have you ever tried to match black fabric? It's amazing how different each bolt of black fabric is.)

If you look closely, you will discover a mistake sewing one of the triangle sections together. It is in one of the red and blue sections, and makes that section look more like a star than ocean waves. I didn't discover it until after the quilt was finished. Maybe there is something to the notion of making a mistake in every quilt.

And, the quilting was another matter. I found some great looking quilting patterns in a book, but after I got them quilted, I decided the quilted boats looked like blobs instead of boats. Maybe it was the black thread?

Who knows. In any case, engineer son Bubba loved the quilt, and because I rotate the quilts on my walls frequently, it has hung on our wall many times.

ocean waves quilting
The blob of hand quilting that is supposed to look like a sailing ship.Click on the image to see a larger picture of the mess.

Still, the colors and designs of Amish quilts fascinate me.

Most Amish quilts have a simple design, and are easy to piece. Because of their frugality, the Amish women use small pieces of fabric left over from making clothes. In addition, they use the good pieces cut from clothes that are otherwise worn out. And most of the pieces are squares or triangles. Easy piecing.

It is the placement of colors, with contrasting light and dark that creates the unique design that makes you look at a quilt and immediately recognize it as an Amish quilt.

But choosing the perfect colors to create that Amish look is a challenge that I have been reluctant to take on again.


A Little Help from Some Experts

A few months ago, Joen Wolfrom visited with us and talked about choosing colors for quilts. Joen has spent years studying color in fabric and how to select the right color fabric to create the effect you want in your quilt. With that knowledge and those resources, I became a little more confident about choosing colors in my quilts in general.

But, much as I wanted to, I still wasn't ready to take on another Amish quilt. Until today.

Among the quilting magazines in my mail today, there was a notice of a brand new quilting resource from our friends at C&T - Radiant Sunshine & Shadow.

This resource holds some great possibilities.

Combining the wisdom Joen imparted in our Eavesdrop on a Telephone Conversation plus some of her color resources with this new resource, I am now excited about tackling a new Amish-style quilt.

In Radiant Sunshine & Shadow, we will see 23 different quilt possibilities using just one simple block.

This block is a really simple 9 patch that you can make using strip piecing and other quick sewing techniques explained inside. You don't have to cut a billion little squares and sew them together, if you don't want to.

One of the things I love about this pattern is that it looks really complicated. Your family and friends will think you are a true quilting wizard when they see your completed quilt. Yet, it is really easy to make this quilt.

Really, nothing complicated. You could make this quilt in your sleep. Without coffee.

Plus, we'll get 13 complete projects - including detailed materials lists, cutting charts and sewing charts. And tons of photos of quilts for inspiration. And, the sizes include lap quilts and bed size quilts - from crib to king size. You get it all.

Using this new resource, we'll learn to create shimmering effects with subtle blends of light and dark fabrics. And, it even shows how to accent our beautiful creations with applique and fabulous borders.

This book is co-authored by Helen Frost and Catherine Skow. Helen Frost began teaching quiltmaking in 1974 and has taught at guilds and conferences across the country and in Europe. She is best known for her innovative strip-piecing methods. She is a hand quilter, and next on her list to quilt is a top that has been basted since 1981! (Who else is familiar with that?)

Catherine Skow spends most of her time quilting, but also enjoys entertaining, gardening, baking, and riding on the back of her husband's Harley Davidson.

Using the expertise of these two quilters and Joen Wolfrom, I am ready to go. Are you coming along?

This resource will be a great addition to your quilting library, whether you make an Amish-style quilt or a quilt with printed fabrics that would be considered more like a Trip Around the World quilt.

A New Resource, A New Journey

This is a brand new resource, and it is not even in quilt shops or on its way, quite yet. Because I have the inside track with the publisher, we are able to pre-order these and be first in line when they become available in mid-July.

However, we have to let them know how many we need by July 17. What that means is that you need to let us know by July 16 at midnight Pacific Time.

And, there is more - - -

Combining all of these resources, I have decided to let you watch over my shoulder as I choose the colors, cut the fabric and make a Radiant Sunshine and Shadow quilt.

You will see exactly how to:

  • create the perfect Amish-style look with ease with the right color choices
  • plan your quilt to ensure that your finished quilt is the design you dreamed of
  • make sure you don't run out of fabric by knowing how to figure out how much of each fabric you need,
  • save hours of cutting by cutting your fabric for strip piecing (you don't need to cut each square individually)
  • save weeks of sewing, and create perfect corners and squares by strip piecing your blocks and matching the corners perfectly (I'll show you how)
  • choose the perfect quilting design
  • . . . and those things barely scratch the surface


And I hope you join me in this journey, because it's always more fun to make a quilt with friends.

Here's the plan: Becasue Radiant Sunshine & Shadow will be the foundation for making the quilt, those who invest in this resource will be able to join the journey, which will take place in

Radiant Sunshine & Shadow will be delivered to us around the middle of July, and we will ship them immediately to you, so yours should arrive by the end of July, and we will be ready to go beginning the end of the first week in August.

Members of, will have access to all of the fantastic resources created as I make this quilt. There are already tons of resources about choosing color and sewing quilt blocks and quilts available in the site. And there are more to come that are specific to making this quilt.

If you are not already a member, you can join at a discount of just $1 for 45 days. This rate is not offered publicly on the site, and is only available to special customers. This is a membership site, and your membership giving you access to thousands of quilting resources will continue at a monthly rate of $24.97 until you let us know you are no longer interested in getting this great quilting information.

You will be amazed at the variety of resources available in, and when you join the Journey to Make an Amish-style quilt, you will be glad you came along.

You will have access to my quilting expertise in the online Discussion Forum, where you can ask questions, as well as see each week's new step in making this Sunshine and Shadow quilt unfold. In addition, you can post your questions for other quilters to answer, and post pictures of your project to brag or get help.

Reserve your copy before time runs out on Wednesday, July 16 at midnight Pacific Time. Your invitation to join will follow once you have reserved your copy of Radiant Sunshine & Shadow.

Happy Quilting!

Penny Halgren
Postcards for the Troops

sunshine and shadow  Reserve your copy today - July 16 is the deadline, and that is just a day or two away!


sunshine and shadow
A color variation of the Radiant Sunshine and Shadow quilt.

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