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Specializing in Information for Quilters

Attention Quilters! - At Last, Answers to Your How to Quilt Questions When You Need Them, From Quilters Who Are Happy to Share their Secrets

We've all been there - learning how to make a quilt.

Those of us who are really fortunate had someone to show us their techniques and shortcuts.

Others just figured it out for themselves, spending valuable time and energy, experiencing frustration, and totally wasting fabric and money!

Now there is a better way! provides answers to your quilting questions; tips, techniques and shortcuts to make your quilting fun and easy; quilt block patterns with step-by-step instructions (including photographs of what to do); quilting projects; and tons more.

Beginning Quilters or more experienced quilters, we're anxious to have you join our community!

And now you can join our Master Quilter Certificate Program, an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan for learning all the basics of quilt making!

Happy Quilting!

Penny Halgren



If you are ready to learn from a quilt, there are many fine resources to help you out whether working with traditional cloth or burlap fabric, you can save money shopping for supplies online.


Interviews with Experts
Quilt Green - with Bonnie Hunter - - -Quilt Green - with Bonnie Hunter - - -QuiltingCoach Penny
"Quilting Green" your scrap quilts will save the environment and your sanity - because your fabric will be organized and easy to use - without spending hours and hours organizing it. . . . keep reading

How much Fabric Should You Buy?How much Fabric Should You Buy?Joen Wolfrom
My standard used to be a third of a yard. I like to buy more fabric. I like to have more options, so I prefer to buy a third of a yard. . . . keep reading

What's the Best Thread to Use for Machine Quilting?What's the Best Thread to Use for Machine Quilting? There are really some fun and different thread with the variegated and metallic and all good stuff. Does the type of thread really make a difference? (Audio clip) . . . keep reading

Interview with HD Wilbanks from Hobbs BattingQuiltingCoach Penny
So many things have changed about batting since I began quilting, it's hard to keep up. And, much like thread, we are presented with so many choices, it's hard to figure out what is best. What I do kn . . . keep reading

Thrift Store Fabric for Scrap QuiltsQuilting Coach Penny
Bonnie Hunter is a quilter who specializes in scrap quilts using fabric from thrift shops or donations from friends' closets. Recently she visited with us for our Eavesdrop on a Telephone Conversation . . . keep reading



Featured Resources
Quilting TerminologyQuilting Terminology When you become a quilter, you quickly catch onto the fact that there is often more than one name for just about everything involved in our hobby. This can be confusing to the beginning quilter. If yo . . . keep reading

Sharpening Your Rotary Cutter BladeSharpening Your Rotary Cutter Bladeby Rose Smith
With the amount of quilting that I do, I need to replace my rotary cutter blades fairly often. I don't change the blade as often as I should, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's guilty of th . . . keep reading

Pumpkin Quilt BlockPumpkin Quilt BlockQuiltingCoach Penny
This easy-to-sew Pumpkin will smile at you all day long - even though he's trapped in the Haunted House. . . . keep reading

Popcorn Quilt BlockPopcorn Quilt Block This block is a combination of half-rectangle triangles and flying geese blocks. When you first look at this block, it looks pretty confusing in terms of getting the squares formed. . . . keep reading

The Bat Quilt BlockThe Bat Quilt BlockQuiltingCoach Penny
This easy-to-sew quilt block could test your ability to keep your bias edges from stretching. . . . keep reading

Christmas StockingsChristmas Stockings It may be sweltering outside, but inside some quilters are humming "Jingle Bells" or even playing Christmas music from their mp3 players. Why is it that Summer spurs so many quilters to star . . . keep reading

Quilting for the FairQuilting for the Fair Which quilt will you enter in your county fair? What? You are not planning to enter anything? . . . keep reading

Dorm QuiltsDorm Quilts Even though it is the middle of summer, those quilters with recent high school graduates may be preparing to move children or grandchildren into a college dorm for the first time. One of the best ways . . . keep reading

June is National Camping MonthJune is National Camping Month Do you have a camping trip planned? Camping can be a very rewarding experience for those who love the outdoors, and a very memorable one for those who are less outdoorsy. No matter which category you . . . keep reading

Stack-n-Whack QuiltsStack-n-Whack Quilts Stack-n-Whack quilts refer to the technique used to cut the fabric for each quilt block. If you have seen a Stack-n-Whack quilt, you have undoubtedly noticed its unique almost kaleidoscope like appear . . . keep reading

* * * * *
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Here's what our members are saying ...
"Find this is such an informative site"

"Hi, Penny I love this site! All the fabulous info in it is just what I need. I'm a newbie to quilting; but have done a lot of sewing for myself and my kids over the years. Now I've decided to tackle quilting..."
Edmonton AB Canada

"Thanks for all the great info I have had access to since I joined this site. I love it!"

"Penny, bless your heart for helping turn the light on over my head on how to become more efficient at this new love of mine!"

"When I have been having problems getting in the mood to work on my quilts that I am committed to finishing by August I just have to check in at the quilting site and I'm back in the mood. It has been wonderful."
British Columbia, Canada

"I have recently discontinued my membership, but strongly feel the need to say that you have certainly had a huge influence on my life. Your internet quilting club has given me wings as a quilter. The reason I am discontinuing my membership isn’t because I am not satisfied with what I’ve gained from it, it’s because I’ve got so much to do – it will take me more than two years to complete it all. (I’m a slow quilter ok!) I have not got so many UFO’s (trust me, there are a few hidden safely away!) as that I have WDHT’s (wanna-do-haven’t-had-time’s).

Thank you Penny – your inspiration has been much appreciated.


Dorothy, Durbanville, South Africa